For a travel enthusiast, there is no better feeling than going on a cycle or bike ride – overcoming the road challenges and exploring new places. And this is where the adventure Travel Bike comes into play. The machines of the bikes for travelling are robust, purpose-built, sturdy, and full-bodied to take a traveller off the beaten path than the regular highways.

There are multitudes of options available for the travellers when it comes to buying a suitable travel bicycle. But as we all know, travelling bikes are expensive, and thus, you need to be extra careful, practical, and smart to pick the right one. Here’re some quick tips to take into consideration!

Consider These Points

1)      Lightweight: For long distance cycle tours; you need to have a bike which is lightweight and compact in size. It will help you in shifting to long distances.

2)      Battery/Electric: If you want not to cause any harm to the ecology, pick battery-operated or electric bikes for travelling. There are vast options available in both versions.

3)      Wheel Size: Bikes with smaller wheels may be easy to store, but they don’t assure you full-speed rides on bumpy roads. Pick a bike with larger wheels for faster riding experience.

4)      Foldability: In compared to the conventional Travel Bike; foldable bikes are much convenient and easy to carry for the travellers. Simply ride it, fold it, and carry it wherever you go!

5)      Pricing: Pricing should be another prime concern for you while buying cycles for travelling. Set a budget, be clear about specifications, and choose the right one!

With the soaring popularity of folding bikes among the daily and long-distance travelers; new and more advanced versions are being launched every month. Travelers with advanced needs and more upgraded traveling requirements are looking for high-end fiber folding bike with an accelerated ride experience.

And keeping an eye on this growth rate popularity and demand; more and more companies these days have started manufacturing more advanced versions of folding bikes for their consumers. And in this row of new inventions; Carbon Folding Bikes have grabbed the maximum limelight.

Structural Designs Of Carbon Bikes

Sleek design, excellent finishing, fresh looks, colorful styles, small wheels, belt drive, and hydraulic disc brakes are all together making the regular folding bike more efficient and practical for the urban dwells and commuters. Carbon fiber is primarily used to build the cycle’s frame and fork.

While the wheels, handlebar, seat post, and saddle of the foldable carbon cycles are made of the black stuff, carbon fiber is used for disc brakes and belt drive. And this structural design helps to reduce the weight of Carbon Folding Bike to a significant level.

Defining it simply; carbon bikes are an entirely new concept in a range of premium folding bikes. It is a mutiny in terms of compactness, design, and features. Carbon bikes are considered as the elite product due to its sleek design, technology, ultra-fizziness, and exclusive features.

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Folding bikes have been around for a really long time. Since 1888, when the first patent for the foldable bike was registered; folding bikes have come a really long way. The Lightweight Folding Bike, with its capacity to easily fold, no extra parking requirements, and low maintenance aspects make an excellent choice for both the daily urban cyclists and long-distance travellers.

Plus, these bikes also occupy less space which means no extra space is needed for storage. However, with its growing popularity, the myths about folding bicycles also have increased to a dramatic level. If you are planning to buy a foldable bike, then here we have shared some significant advantages and disadvantages so that you can take an informed decision.

·         Foldable bikes are lightweight
·         They are easily collapsible
·         You don’t need to have extra space for parking Lightweight Folding Bike
·         They are comfortable to ride for long touring
·         They are eco-friendly and need no carbon fuel to pollute the environment
·         They provide great resale values
·         Foldable bikes are remarkably lower in maintenance
·         You can get a varied range of style and color options for folding bicycles 
·         It has higher sensitivity to road bumps and imperfections
·         They are costly than conventional bikes
·         They are pretty hard to customize
·         Poor transportability in some low-cost models
Final Words

So that’s it! Folding bikes are highly convenient, lightweight, and practically thief proof. They do have some drawbacks, but compared to their benefits; it looks really minimal!

In the last few years, the popularity and demand for Lightweight Foldable Bike have soared like never before. In compared to the regular commuting bikes which are heavy, large, and needs expensive maintenance, folding bikes are extremely frivolous, have small wheels, and minuscule frame. It may look a bit wired or odd to your eye at first look, but once you get to ride it; you’ll surely love it.

But if you compare between a regular full-sized bike and a folding bike; both have their own set of advantages, and you will have to carefully contemplate them before spending your money on any of them.
Aspects Of Regular Bike
ü  You can’t store a full-sized bike inside your apartment. You need to have an extra parking space to store it.
ü  You need to chain it and lock it every time you leave it anywhere outside.
ü  Regular bikes are too heavy and bulky.
ü  You need permission to carry a full-sized bike on a bus or subway
ü  Regular bikes require regular and expensive maintenance
Advantages Of Folding Bikes
ü  Foldable bikes are lightweight and convenient to move around.
ü  They are suitable for long distance touring as well as daily commuting.
ü  Folding bikes save your efforts, money, and can take you around the town without polluting the ecology.
ü  You can just fold them, pack them in your car truck or bag, and move around – no need of extra parking space.
ü  Lightweight Foldable Bike is relatively thief-proof.
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